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Streak of Green Earth Friendly Hair Salon

252 Algoma St S. Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3C2 - (807) 343-9122

You will need to wear a mask at ALL TIMES. It must be the style with a thin elastic around your ear and 3-Ply when possible. Keep in mind if you are having a colour service it will stain your mask around the ears. Wear a tight fitting mask to keep hair from going inside your mask while cutting. If you don't have one I will be selling them for $2 upon your checkout. I also have children's sizes available. You will need a mask on before you enter the salon, please wait outside until I provide you with a mask if needed

No outside food or drink will be permitted or served during your visit

You will be screened by email an hour before arrival. No need to reply to the email. If you don't receive an email I will screen you upon arrival into the salon. If you answer yes to any of the questions I will need to cancel your appointment and rebook

Sanitizer will be provided upon entering the salon. EVERYONE MUST sanitize even if you did outside in your vehicle

Please take your outside shoes off. Bring another clean pair of shoes/slippers or use the shoe covers supplied

You may enter and wait on the bench in the front porch 

Please don't bring friends, family or children to your appointment. Only the person with the booked appointment will be permitted in the salon

Disinfecting in between each client is a must. This will take a few minutes so please be patient and on time for your appointment. Wait for my direction when it's your time to come into the salon

Social distancing is required at all times when possible

All new clients will have a one time charge of $15 for the first appointment booked due to the extra time for consultation.

The salon will be accepting Debit, Credit or e-transfer (during your service) for payment only at this time. NO CASH for services but if you choose to tip by cash that is accepted

Due to all the new PPE costs, you will be charged a $0.50 fee for each visit at the checkout per person

Please only touch the retail products you are going to be purchasing. If you have questions ask for assistance 

The salon will still offer curbside pickup during normal work hours. Please contact me with your order

I am currently only booking until May 1st, 2021