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Streak of Green Earth Friendly Hair Salon

71 Algoma St S. Thunder Bay, ON, P7B3B4 - (807) 343-9122

Besides the products we carry, here are some other ways Streak of Green is saving the environment:                                                         image



  •         Joined Green Circle Salons Recycling program for hair, foils, plastics, left over colour in bowls and more
  • We use non carcinogenic and biodegradable cleaners, soaps etc.
  • Hair is recycled to Green Circle Salons for Hair Booms
  • We use biodegradable garbage bags(we only have one small bag of garbage a week)
  • All electronics are energy star rated and we turn off all electronics when not in use
  • We use no VOC's, CFC's or aerosol products
  • Old magazines get reused at local schools for crafts
  • Tropical plants to purify the air and help you breath easy
  • Light bulbs are eco rated
  • We use toilet paper, paper towel, paper clips, paper for business cards and gift certificates, note paper etc. made with recycled material
  • Styrofoam peanuts that come in orders are recycled back to UPS
  • Reuse and recover furniture whenever possible
  • Environmentally friendly ink or soy ink only
  • We serve organic fair - trade coffee and tea's
  • We are computerized for appointments
  • Programmable timer for air conditioner and furnace
  • Counter-top dishwasher has an energy saver setting
  • Conserve water by not washing the floors very often because clients remove their outside shoes
  • Outside sign on the building is on an automatic timer, which has saved me over 4x the amount off my first bill