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Streak of Green Earth Friendly Hair Salon

252 Algoma St S. Thunder Bay, ON P7B 3C2 - (807) 343-9122

Streak of Green was created to bring 'Harmony between Earth and hair.' The salon is Nicole's own unique concept from the root to ends! At Streak of Green you will not have to give up quality or the latest styles. We are a full service hair salon  delivering what you want while still maintaining your pH and integrity of your hair.

  • ammonia free colours with rich brown tones, light blonde's, bright reds, natural tones and everything in between
  • ammonia and thio free perms
  • ammonia free lightener
  • vegan friendly and gluten free
  • biodegradable colour

When you step into the salon you will smell clean, fresh air. Our atmosphere is very relaxing, comfortable and calming. Everyone knows we have to be more aware of how we take care of ourselves and the environment. Here are some ways Streak of Green is making a difference.

  • every piece of cut hair is recycled into hair booms
  • all extra colour, used foils, plastics and other products not recycled in Thunder Bay are sent away to be recycled instead of in the water ways or landfills
  • all our products contain NO sulfates, ammonia, Parabens, plastics, phthalates animal by products or animal testing
  • all our products contain certified organic ingredients
  • our salon concept keeps the environment in mind for everything we do and purchase

Check out How our Salon is Eco friendly for more information.







Besides the products we carry, here are some other ways Streak of Green is saving the environment:

Joined Green Circle Salons Recycling program for hair, foils, plastics, left over colour in bowls and more
  • We use non carcinogenic and biodegradable cleaners, soaps etc.
  • Hair is recycled to Green Circle Salons for Hair Booms
  • We use biodegradable garbage bags(we only have one small bag of garbage a month)
  • All electronics are energy star rated and we turn off all electronics when not in use
  • We use no VOC's, CFC's or aerosol products
  • Old magazines get reused at local schools for crafts
  • Tropical plants to purify the air and help you breath easy
  • We use toilet paper, paper towel, paper clips, paper for business cards and gift certificates, note paper etc. made with recycled material
  • Corn based peanuts that come in orders are disintegrated by water
  • Reuse and recover furniture whenever possible
  • Environmentally friendly ink or soy ink only
  • We serve organic fair - trade coffee and tea's
  • We are computerized for appointments
  • All lights are LED which saves 50% on the hydro bill
  • Counter-top dishwasher has an energy saver setting
  • Conserve water by not washing the floors very often because clients remove their outside shoes